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Smart landlords and property managers use our inspection services so as to highlight and prevent water damage from occurring to they`re valued properties

Water damage can have devastating consequences. Typical water damage we often see are as follows:-

  • Plaster /paint
  • Carpet
  • Electrical circuitry
  • Rotten timbers
  • Rising Damp/mould
  • Electrical appliances
  • Personal household belongings

This can greatly inconvenience the tenant and cause grievances with the landlord which is undesirable

Even worse still is water damage to a commercial or industrial property were a tenants business has been disrupted for example due to water damage of machinery,stock etc whereby the tenant can claim loss of productivity.

Did you that most insurance companies WILL NOT cover you for faulty workmanship or poorly designed roofs?

All these issues can end up costing the landlord thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to rectify if not addressed early on.

For a minimal fee `Precision` will come out and provide you with a comprehensive report and outlining all immediate and long term issues on your roof . We`ll restore your peace of mind and most likely save lots $$$$$$$


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