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Many insurance companies use our services to determine if a leaking roof is related to :-

  • Storm damage
  • Non-compliant to the relevant codes of practice
  • Poor workmanship
  • Wear and tear /maintenance issues

In many cases if the roof is `storm damage` related the insurance company will cover the costs of repairing the roof including damage to inside the property
Many loss adjusters and loss assessers use our services as we are able to provide an expert unbiased roof assessment together with an approximate cost to rectify the necessary issues. All of our inspections are conducted with strict adherence to `Worksafe` regulations

Many people make the mistake of renovating they`re property without giving much attention to the roof. It’s a case of `out of sight out of mind`. Then along comes a heavy downpour and water leaks begin appearing. Typical water damage are as follows :-

  • Plaster
  • Paint
  • Rotten timber
  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • Carpet
  • Personal belongings

What most customers do not know is that unless the roof issue is `storm damage` related, insurance companies will NOT cover you for any roof repairs.
Yes they`ll repair all internal water damage less your insurance excess amount however you`ll be greatly inconvenienced and you`re still left with repairing the roof out of your own pocket which could potentially cost you thousands

For a minimal fee (usually less than your insurance excess) `Precision Roof Inspections` will undertake a comprehensive roof report outling all non-compliant roof defects and any long term maintenance issues.


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