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Our experience has shown us that at least 50% of new homes built do not comply in some way with the `Australian Roofing Standards` Unfortunately there seems to be an attitude of `she`ll be right mate` or out of mind of sight` within the industry.

Many roofs visually seem to be in good condition to the `untrained eye` however more often than not, there are flaws in the design and or quality of workmanship
When a new roof is being constructed its of paramount importance to follow the manufacturers specifications and guidelines. All works must also comply with the relevant codes of practice in accordance with `Australian Roofing Standards. Failure to comply will automatically void your manufacturers warranty and worse still, most insurance companies will DENY your insurance claim ,which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in rectification works

Trying to get a builder/roofing contractor to return to the property to rectify any roofing defects when they have been paid,can be like trying to get `blood out of a stone` Many legal roofing disputes could of easily have been solved in the past if the owner hired the services of a professional roof inspection PRIOR to paying the builder/contractor

So prior to you handing over your hard earned money to your builder/roof contractor, call `Precision Roof Inspections`. For a minimal fee we will conduct an unbiased comprehensive roof inspection report and tell you the TRUTH about the compliancy of your roof.

This will give you the confidence and peace of mind that your roof is fully compliant and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

If your roof is non-compliant then the builder/contractor MUST address the issues outlined in the report prior to receiving payment. As technically speaking, they don’t have a leg to stand on if they were to take up the matter in the courts


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