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If you intend on leasing a commercial property be aware that sometimes part of the lease agreement may require you to be responsible for any maintenance repairs to the building including the roof.
Even if it’s the landlord responsibility to ensure the maintenance of the building , it’s a wise decision to have a roof inspection carried out prior to signing over a lease agreement. Having a comprehensive unbiased roof report carried out beforehand, will enable you to negotiate on the lease agreement that any roofing defects should be rectified prior to you occupying the premises.
Sure your landlord could organize one of his tradesman to inspect the roof however, there could be a likelihood of biased or unprofessional assessment of the roof

For a minimal fee let `Precision Roof Inspections` organise a totally unbiased roof assessment for you. We`ll outline all non-compliant roof issues in a `easy to understand`report complete with digital photography. By having your independent roof report carried out, and ensuring your landlord rectify any outlined roof defects, will give you the `peace of mind` that the roof is 100% watertight BEFORE commencing business in the building.

Imagine the distruption and loss of income to your business if water damage has occurred to your valued products, machinery, equipment etc. If you have insurance, obviously you`ll be covered however you`ll be greatly inconvenienced and there`s no guarantee you`ll be re-embursed for any loss of productivity.
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